Refused Australian Tourist Visa

Refused Australian tourist visa. After doing some research I realized getting my Thai girlfriend an Australian visa was not going to be easy that’s for sure. I looked at several factors before a decision to use a migration agent after all bringing my Thai girlfriend to Australia was never going to be easy nejlepší webové stránky. Everyone said to do it yourself but hey I’m working and they charged $1000 on a real no win no fee basis only having to pay 10,000 baht upfront a bargain.

If in doubt you should use a migration agent it takes all the hassle away that’s for sure!

The first steps were pretty straight forward they contacted Wassana she was up in Chiang Mai working on her families farm job was crap but hey at least she’s kept busy. They asked her for a few documents nothing major really she supplied the basic document plus a few others I’m unsure of what exactly they wanted but here are few examples :

  • 2 photographs
  • ID Card
  • Tabian Baan
  • Family Ties
  • 1419 visa application form
  • Condition 8503 no further stay form was completed
Generally, Migration Agents Are Expensive –  Are They Worth It?


I was then contacted by the office and dealt with in English & emailed everything as requested these guys even filled in 1419 for me. I was pretty busy so this took all the hassle away, I was earning big $ working in the mines in Australia so this saved me doing all this.  The application was submitted & some 8-10 days later VFS Australia Bangkok forwarded her visa grant back to these guys. A lot has been written about getting a tourist visa to Australia for Thai girlfriend some of it is interesting & useful bit some Australian visa information has been totally useless. Any visa application must be lodged with the correct documents & the correct visa application forms for the purpose of the trip form 1419 is the correct form for Australian tourist visas.


What documents are required to get your girlfriend a visa to Australia – Australian Tourist visa checklist


She was in OZ some 15 days later which was unbelievable I can’t thank these guys enough for the visa services they offered without no upfront fees I have since married my Thai lady & we would recommend using an Australian migration agent in Thailand .






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