Sponsoring A Thai Girl

The term sponsoring a Thai girl means you send her money on an agreed basis and she is your girlfriend so to speak. Sometimes the person is older than the girl but often these days they are of similar age normally its a western guy who has the funds to afford to do this. When you sponsor any Thai girl it doesn’t mean she won’t go off with other guys you are just helping out.

Whats it cost in general terms to sponsor a Thai Girl?

I’ve heard of 100.000 THB a month but the average wage is 9000 THB per month anybody with a salary of 15000 baht a month has a good job. You can live very well on 50,000 baht a month quite easily but again it’s up to the farang to decide not us. I f you met your girl in a go go bar in Pattaya well she will expect a lot more than a farm girl that’s for sure. A beer bar girl will expect much less and will be happy to get away from the bar that’s for sure.

Where can you find a girl to sponsor?

  • Any beer bar in Pattaya
  • From a Thai dating site
  • Any University
  • Go Go bars
  • Online dating sites
  • Social media sites Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to name a few

Sponsoring any Thai girl can be fun & exciting it may not last forever many guys do this to keep their lives exciting whilst the wife is out. You may be referred to as her gik but many girls have a lot of sponsors & why not you are not married or in a committed relationship who can blame them for this. Always remember Thai girls do come from poor families they are under pressure to take care of them its part of their culture just enjoy it & have fun.

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