Thai Girlfriends Visa

Thai girlfriends visa

 Four Tips for Strengthening your Long-Distance Relationship.


If you’re one of the many men waiting on your Thai girlfriend’s visa, you’re probably counting the days and weeks until you’re reunited with the love of your life. While you’re waiting, here are four things that you can do to strengthen the intimacy and joy of your relationship. It has been said that, before you can live together you must learn to live apart. While you wait for her visa, you have the opportunity to build trust and companionship in a unique way that will benefit your long-term relationship.


1) Pursue common interests: Being far apart doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same things! Go to the same movies, cook the same foods and shop at similar stores. It will give you a lot to talk about while you wait and make the transition easier when you are reunited.


2) Make communication easy: Make sure you have a quick way to contact your significant other. Text messages, emails, phone calls and video text are all helpful – being able to quickly and easily reach your girlfriend to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you” is an important part of building your relationship.


3) Be sweet: Use pet names, order flowers for her, and write letters. Find creative ways to communicate your affection and care for her.


4) Stay honest: One of the biggest concerns about long-distance relationships is the lack of trust. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure you communicate regularly and honestly with your Thai girlfriend – it will increase her trust in you and deepen the intimacy you enjoy.

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