UK Visa For Thai Wife

UK visa for Thai wife

Thai wife visa applications from 6000 miles away can be difficult to organize, you will need help and advice on lots of things. Applying for a UK visa for your Thai wife in Thailand can take up to 3 months to process. When you bring your Thai wife over to the UK  you know that she’s going to have to adjust to everything in her new country. In many circumstances, clients have sponsored their Thai girlfriends to visit the UK. this is just to see how she gets on with the culture, weather, and generally living in the UK.


Her lifestyle is going to be completely different, given the new climate, the new language is spoken around her, different working conditions, and different things to do for entertainment.  The work transition may prove to be especially difficult given that your Thai wife may have to get re-certified in the UK to practice her profession.  Plus, working conditions, timings, etc. are also likely to be different.  So here are a few things to keep in mind to facilitate the transition.


Find Out if you’re Thai wife Will Need To Go Back to School


Your spouse-to-be might be considered extremely qualified in Thailand.  She might be a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, etc.  There are certain professions in which you don’t need to re-certify.  For example, if your Thai spouse is in the hair and beauty profession, she’ll probably just need to prove that she can cut and style hair or do other beauty treatments.  But it still wouldn’t hurt for her to do a short course in hairdressing from a UK school so that she knows the latest fashions in the UK

When it comes to someone with higher qualifications like a doctor or a lawyer, she’ll definitely need to repeat some of her schoolings in the UK and take the necessary tests to qualify to practice in her new country.  So be sure to look into this before your spouse comes over and facilitate her transition by helping her with the admissions process.


Travel, Clothes, and Finances For Your Thai Wife


In order to adjust to her new work environment, your Thai spouse will need to learn to travel in the UK.  She may need to use public transportation or learn how to drive, both of which you can help her with.  It’s best for her to get a driving license right away, if possible so that she won’t ever feel as though she’s stuck at home.


Getting A UK Visa  For My Thai Wife


In terms of clothes, why don’t you take your Thai wife shopping for what would be considered appropriate work attire in the UK?  She doesn’t need to stop wearing her Thai clothes entirely but she should have the choice to wear whatever she feels most comfortable in.  In terms of finances, your Thai wife might need some help in the beginning because she won’t be earning right away.  So make sure that the two of you have some savings to get by until she’s finished school and found a job.So if your Thai spouse is coming to the UK, keep the above tips in mind to help her adjust to her new working conditions. Contact us for more information on getting a UK visa for my Thai wife.

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