Thai Immigration to Improve Online TM30 System

TM30 online

The stricter implementation of the TM30 rules has caused a great deal of unhappiness amongst foreigners living in Thailand. While most visitors who stay in hotels remain unaffected, it is the expats who are encountering problems either when they return to the country or visit other parts of the country. The idea that you have to report your whereabouts within 24-hours of arriving is causing a great deal of anger.

However, Thai Immigration has tried to come up with a possible solution whereby you can register online. To obtain a username and password now only takes about a week according to Col. Thatchapong Sarawanangkul from Immigration Division 1 leia o artigo.


With Thai Immigration already struggling with the 35 million annual visitors, this will no doubt be a welcome solution for everyone with most agreeing that Thailand doesn’t need any more red tape. With western visitors declining, everything should be done to encourage more visitors, not find ways of frustrating them and effectively encouraging them to go elsewhere.

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