Does my Thai Girlfriend Love Me?

Does my Thai girlfriend love me ?

The question of trust often arises among individuals who have Thai girlfriends working in places like Pattaya, and it’s a common topic of discussion both in our office and in many bars around Pattaya. Living in another country while your Thai girlfriend works in Pattaya can inevitably lead to doubts and uncertainties.


Much of your confidence in your relationship may hinge on the nature of her job and the environment she’s exposed to on a daily basis. These factors play a significant role in shaping your feelings and perceptions regarding her faithfulness and trustworthiness.




Thailand’s culture differs significantly from what we might be accustomed to in the West. For example, in the UK, a relationship between a 60-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman might raise eyebrows, but in Thailand, it’s considered normal. However, the motives behind such relationships—whether driven by genuine love or financial considerations—can vary depending on the individuals involved. If doubts arise, they may be rooted in valid concerns.


Family First


Thai women typically prioritise their families, particularly their mothers and children, above all else. This doesn’t necessarily imply a lack of affection towards their partners; rather, it reflects the strong emphasis on familial bonds in Thai culture. While it may require adjustment, accepting this cultural norm is often necessary.


Lack of Trust


Distrust is not uncommon in relationships involving Thai women and foreign men. Both parties may harbour suspicions—foreigners may hear stories that cast doubt on their partners’ intentions, while Thai women may fear that men are solely interested in certain aspects of the relationship. These dynamics can lead to significant unease for everyone involved.


Would it be different if she saw the UK?


While you’ve observed how she navigates life in Thailand, it’s possible that she holds preconceived notions about the UK. A visit to the UK on a tourist visa could offer her first-hand experience and potentially foster a greater sense of comfort. Additionally, it might contribute to strengthening your relationship as you share your life and surroundings with her in your home country.


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