UK Spouse Visa Application Thailand – 7 Easy Steps

UK Spouse Visa Application Thailand

Apply for a UK spouse visa application in Thailand this new visa gives your Thai wife a total of 5 years stay in the UK. The applicant’s children may also join them in the UK as long as they show they have the sole responsibility of any children. Other relatives can also settle in the UK as long as you meet the current visa requirements at the time of the application.  This visa allows you to travel to Europe but you may require a Schengen visa ( please check) the current rues at the time of travel. You cannot switch from a tourist visa to a UK settlement visa the applicant must apply in Thailand to settle in the UK if you wish to do this please read how to apply for a UK fiance visa/ civil partner guide.

Can You Work On A UK Spouse visa?

  • You can work & apply or a UK national insurance number
  • You & any dependents  can use the NHS
  • Dependents can use the UK education system free of charge

7 Easy Steps You Must Meet Before Qualifying For A UK Spouse Visa

  • A1 English test pass
  • X-Ray
  • Marriage certificate
  • Meeting the new income requirements
  • NHS Surchage fee must be paid
  • Accommodation requirements
  • Is the relationship subsisting

Find out if your children qualify to join you in the UK, do you have sole responsibility for your dependent children?

New UK Spouse Visa Application Financial Requirements!

Meeting the new income requirements can be very confusing to read our quick guide about UK settlement visa applications financial guidance.

Further Information About UK Visa Applications

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If you require professional help all our visas are taken on no visa no fees only pay us once you get your UK visa to contact us for more info.


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