UK Visas For Thai Citizens

UK Visas for Thai Citizens

UK visa for Thai citizens. The United Kingdom and other western countries are especially cautious about women from Thailand gaining entry across their borders. There are several reasons for this based on recent unfortunate history. Many people from Thailand and other developing countries want to immigrate into richer nations believing that they can find better economic opportunity. Because of economic fears, there is always a special caution on the borders of the UK, European countries and the United States about admitting people from developing nations.

Thai Women – Human Trafficking

However, the special cautions about admitting women from Thailand has to do with suspicions about human trafficking and other criminal practices that are part of recent history. Underage Thai women have been victims of sexual tourism. There have been many attempts to bring women into the UK and other Western countries as de facto indentured servants or even as de facto slaves to be sold into prostitution.

Thai citizens Applying To Visit The UK – Will They Return?

In other cases, immigration officials in the UK and other western nations are afraid that some Thai citizens who obtain temporary tourist visas will want to stay in their countries illegally after their visas expire. Before granting visas, immigration officials want the assurance that Thai tourist visa holders have good reason to return to Thailand and that they have a history of returning. They look for land ownership, long-term bank holdings, education, and other signs of economic and social stability.

UK Visas for Thai citizens – Can Be Difficult Applications!

Many UK citizens are looking for visas to bring women whom they met in Thailand into the UK for visits or even to establish residency. In many cases, the visa application includes the claim that the couple is married. Marriages recognized by the Thai government are considered legal and are recognized by the government of the UK. However, some Thai marriages, not recognized by the Thai government are performed under the auspices of religious authorities. These marriages not certified by legal registration documents are not legal and will not count as marriage for the purposes of immigration or on a visa application.

Obtaining a UK Visa for a Thai citizen can be a challenging exercise that takes many weeks and requires delicate handling to avoid rejection. We have the expertise to work with authorities in UK Consulates in presenting the proper documentation to obtain visas. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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