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UK visa application form, which forms to use & where to apply. Application for short visits should be made online at most worldwide locations in the UK/VI outsourced this to a company called VFS global. Visit & short-term visa stay – VAF1A -April 2015 you must only use this form if you are outside the UK & cannot apply online. Guidance on applying from outside the UK to visit or perhaps to transit, & this form can also be used for short-term study & parents should use this form if the intention to visit their child on a (tier 4) child visit visa.



How long can I stay in the UK?


A general visitor should not normally spend any more than 6 months out of 12 in the UK.


What type of documents should I provide?


  1. Passport
  2. Funds for the trip
  3. UK visa application form
  4. Evidence of assets & ties to your country of origin
  5. If visiting family & friends provide evidence
  6. Explain the purpose of the visit levitra cijena


Why do visa applications get refused & when can I re-apply?


Most UK visas get refused because of a lack of documents, a reason to return to your home country. You can apply immediately after a visa refusal as long as your circumstances have changed since the last application.


What’s the current processing time for UK visas?


The general processing time in Thailand is 10-15 working days.


Can my Thai girlfriend come to the UK for a holiday?


Anybody can apply for a holiday visa to the UK, the ECO will make a decision based on the UK visa application form & the supporting documents made at the time of the application. Applying for a UK visa from Thailand you must use the online visa application form, book an appointment & submit the application online.


You will not require a TB Test in Thailand for a visitor’s visa this is only a requirement should you wish to settle in the UK. For further information & general guidance contact Thai Visa Express & get a free 30-minute visa assessment.


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