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Exploring UK Visas for Visitors from Thailand

Understanding the different types of UK visas available is essential when planning a visit or relocation to the UK from Thailand. Here’s an overview of some common visa types:


1. General Visitor Visa:
– Allows stays of up to six months for leisure purposes.
– Can be extended for multiple visits over one, two, five, or ten years.
– Cost: £115.00
– Does not permit work, marriage, or access to medical treatment.


2. Marriage Visitor Visa:
allows stays of up to six months specifically for getting married.
– Requires proof of a genuine relationship and self-sufficiency during the stay.
– Cost: £115.00
– Does not lead to settlement in the UK after marriage.


3. Family of a Settled Person Visa:
allows settlement in the UK with a spouse who is a UK citizen or settled in the UK.
– Requirements include proving the relationship’s genuineness, duration, and intention to stay in the UK.
– Cost: £1846requires demonstrating English proficiency and meeting other eligibility criteria.


These visa options cater to different circumstances and intentions, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your situation. For detailed information and assistance with UK visa applications from Thailand, consult UK Visas Thailand.


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If you’re a Thai citizen planning to visit a significant other in the UK, applying for a general visitor visa is typically the best option. However, if your relationship is more serious and marriage is on the horizon, you might want to consider applying for a marriage visitor visa or a family of a settled person visa.


 **General Visitor Visa:** Suitable for leisure visits of up to six months.

**Marriage Visitor Visa:** Designed for those planning to get married in the UK, allowing stays of up to six months.

**Family of a Settled Person Visa:** If you’re ready to settle in the UK with your partner, this visa allows you to join them in the UK.


If you need assistance with applying for any type of UK visa, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you navigate the application process and ensure a smooth experience.



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