What is an UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

What is an UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

The UK Unmarried Partner Visa is the ideal visa for British men who have long-term Thai girlfriends of Thai partners. You may have a “Thai Village Wedding” marriage but are not legally married. Your Thai girlfriend will be able to visit or live in the UK with you in a similar manner to someone who was entering the UK on a UK Spouse Visa.

How does your Thai girlfriend qualify for the UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

  • You (the male partner) must be a British National
  • You both must 18 years of age or older
  • You must live like husband and wife and have done so for a minimum of two years ( overseas)
  • You must be in a genuine relationship
  • You must plan to reside in the UK
  • You must have the financial means to support yourselves
  • Your Thai girlfriend must have passed the A1 (IELTS) English test
  • You must have somewhere to live

Financial Requirements

  • If you are a supporting partner, you must earn a minimum of £18,600p.a.
  • For the first non-British dependent child, an additional £3,800p.a. is needed
  • For each additional child thereafter, a further £2,400p.a. is a requirement

Documents which may demonstrate that you have been living together

  • Joint commitments, (such as joint bank accounts, investments, rent agreements, mortgage, life insurance policy naming the other partner as beneficiary etc);
  • Birth certificates or records of any children of the relationship, showing both partners as parents;
  • Any official correspondence linking both partners to the same address, for example, Council Tax, utility bills, Doctors records;
  • Any other evidence that adequately demonstrates the couple’s long-term commitment to each other.

How long is the UK Unmarried Partner Visa valid for?

  • If applied for in Thailand, it will be granted for an initial period of 30 months
  • If applied for in the UK, it will be for 30 months
  • After this period has elapsed, if circumstances remain the same a further 30 months, Further Leave to Remain will be issued
  • After 5 years living in the UK, you Thai partner can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

How can Thai Visa Express Help?

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