When Can You Apply For a UK Spouse Visa while in the UK?

Changing to a UK Spouse Visa

In some circumstances, it is possible to switch your existing visa to a UK Spouse Visa. However, in most situations, you will be required to leave the country and reapply as is the case with the UK Tourist Visa. If you do wish to enter the UK long-term, it is advisable to speak to us before you travel.


Visas that you can switch while in the UK


One of the main criteria that you have for being able to switch to a UK Spouse Visa is that you have a minimum of six months remaining unless you arrive in the UK on a UK Fiancée Visa. Visas you can switch are:

  • UK Fiancée Visa
  • UK Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Marriage Visit Visa


Is it common for a Thai girlfriend to apply while in the UK?


If your Thai girlfriend is living with you in the UK, it will depend on what visa she entered the country on. If she is/was either studying or working in the UK, you met in the UK, she has more than six months remaining on her visa, and you are now married – she will. However, as this would seem incredibly unlikely and farfetched, the chances are that she is in the UK on a UK Tourist Visa, in which case she wouldn’t and would need to apply at the British Embassy in Bangkok.


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