What is the A1 English Test

A1 English Test

The A1 English Test, previously required for UK settlement visas such as the UK Spouse Visa, has been replaced by the IELTS English Test. Passing this exam is mandatory before applying for a UK Settlement Visa, especially if you plan to bring your Thai wife to live with you in the UK.


**Where to Take the IELTS Test:**


The British Council offers IELTS testing at four centres in Thailand:

Chiang Mai
Samut Prakan

Other locations are available, but test availability varies. We can help you choose the most suitable centre based on your needs and visa timeline.

**Test Content:**


The IELTS exam consists of listening and speaking components, with various test versions available. It’s crucial to select the appropriate version, typically IELTS – IDP Test.




To register, you must complete the online application and pay the fee either online or via bank transfer. On the test day, bring your Thai ID card. Results are typically available within ten working days, allowing you to proceed with the UK Spouse Visa application upon passing.


**How Thai Visa Express Can Assist:**


Thai Visa Express comprises professional immigration consultants specialising in UK visa applications in Thailand. With over 15 years of experience and OISC regulation, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to guide you through the process. Contact us today for assistance.



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