When Should You Apply For Indefinite Leave to Remain?

Indefinite Leave to Remain

If your Thai wife has missed the deadline for extending her visa, then she could encounter some serious problems. Luckily, there is a way for buying some time that may mean that your visa does get processed and you can get back to normal. Generally, this means applying online.


Why it is Important Not to Become an Overstayer


Anyone who resides in the UK with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) must apply to renew their leave before their current ILR expires. Failure to do so could result in the applicant losing the right to work, rent along with having their bank accounts closed and their driving licenses revoked. In most cases, the applications should be made no later than 14 days before the expiration of their ILR.


Not Applying Too Early


If you are applying under Appendix FM and FM-SE it is essential to ensure that the documents are still valid at the time when they are processed. Bank statements, along with any other financial documentation relating to the application, must be no older than 28 days. Also, it is common for the Home Office to regularly update application forms, so it is essential that “it is no more than 21 days out of date”.


How to Calculate the Application Date for ILR


The answer to this question is in paragraph 34G of the Immigration Rules. Naturally, it depends on how the application is made:

 (i) where the application form is sent by post by Royal Mail, the date of posting as shown on the tracking information provided by Royal Mail or, if not tracked, by the postmark date on the envelope; or(ii) where the application is made on a paper application form and is submitted in person, the date on which it is received at a Home Office premium service centre; or

(iii) where the paper application form is sent by courier, or other postal services provider, the date on which it is delivered to the Home Office; or

(iv) where the application is made via the online application process, the date on which the online application is submitted whether or not a subsequent appointment is made at a Home Office premium service centre.


Any application that is made online must also be accompanied by printed copies sent by post and should arrive within 15 days of the online application.


Why apply online


Many applications can be made online. These include:


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