Why do Thai women Take farangs to meet the Family?

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Why do Thai women Take farangs to meet the Family? Everyone’s circumstances are different but if your Thai girlfriend wishes you to meet her family then this is usually a good sign. Regardless of if your Thai girlfriend has had a ‘normal’ job or was a Thai bargirl, it is unlikely that Thai women will want her family to meet a string of men so she will choose carefully who she wishes to introduce to them. Taking a variety of different men to ‘the village’ is likely to result in her losing face.


It should be expected that the family will want to know about your financial situation and whilst this may feel uncomfortable in our culture, it is seen as normal in Thai culture. ‘Taking care’ of your Thai girlfriend usually refers to taking care of her from a monetary point of view and it is likely that much of the money that you give her is sent home to the family. The reality is that if you can meet these financial obligations, you will be accepted if not for the reasons that we may be more familiar with.


Meeting the family can be quite daunting at first – especially if the levels of English (and your level of Thai) spoken is minimal. Of course, you should be polite in all situations and a Wai for the parents will be expected along with a “Sawadee Khrap”. Many Thai women will be keen to show you off, this is again common, then once again, you should follow the same rules. She will be interested to see how you interact with her family and friends so this could be seen as something of a test. If they like you and you behave correctly then things are looking good for your relationship.


When you do meet the family you are likely to be expected to pay for almost everything and a party is also likely to be held. This will involve buying beer and whiskey and you should expect this include the extended family. On top of this, you will also be expected to make a contribution to the family when you leave which is usually anywhere between THB5,000 and THB20,000 although larger sums are not uncommon. Most Thai women will expect a monthly contribution to the family also to be aware of this!


If all has gone well on your visit, then the chances of your relationship with your Thai lady progressing are good. In return, you may wish to take your Thai girlfriend back to the UK to meet your family and friends. If this is the case then she will need to apply for a UK holiday visa. This will allow her to visit the UK for up to 6 months in any 12 month period although is not intended to be viewed as a long term visa. If you’re requiring something for longer durations, you may even be considering marriage, then you will a residents visa.


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