Why do Thai women Take farangs to meet the Family?

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 Why Do Thai Women Take Farangs to Meet the Family?


Meeting the family is a significant milestone in any relationship, and it’s no different in Thai culture. When your Thai girlfriend wants you to meet her family, it’s usually a positive sign. Whether she has a ‘normal’ job or was a Thai bargirl, she likely chooses carefully whom she introduces to her family. Bringing multiple men to ‘the village’ can cause her to lose face, so this introduction is meaningful.


Understanding the Family Meeting


1. Financial Inquiries:


It’s common for Thai families to inquire about your financial situation. While this might feel intrusive in Western cultures, it’s a normal part of Thai culture. “Taking care” of your Thai girlfriend often means supporting her financially, with a significant portion of this support going to her family. Meeting these financial obligations can be crucial for acceptance by her family.


2. Language Barriers:


Meeting the family can be daunting, especially if there’s a language barrier. Even if English levels are minimal, politeness is key. Greet her parents with a respectful wai and say “Sawadee Khrap.” Your girlfriend will likely be proud to show you off, and your behavior will be scrutinized to see how well you interact with her family and friends. This can be seen as a test of your suitability as a partner.


3. Financial Expectations:


When visiting, you’ll likely be expected to pay for most things, and a party might be held in your honor, including buying beer and whiskey for the extended family. Additionally, you’ll be expected to make a financial contribution to the family when you leave, typically between THB5,000 and THB20,000, though larger sums are not uncommon. Monthly contributions to the family are also expected by many Thai women.


The Cultural Context of Thai Women


1. Family-Oriented:
Thai women are often very family-oriented. Their upbringing usually emphasizes the importance of family bonds, respect for elders, and supporting their family financially and emotionally. This cultural emphasis means that your relationship with her family can significantly impact your romantic relationship.


2. Respect and Face:

The concept of “face,” or maintaining one’s reputation and dignity, is crucial in Thai culture. Actions that cause embarrassment or shame to oneself or one’s family are avoided at all costs. This is why your girlfriend will likely be careful about whom she introduces to her family and will expect you to behave respectfully to avoid causing her to lose face.


3. Emotional Stability:

Many Thai women seek emotional stability in their relationships, which they often find in relationships with foreign men. Western men are perceived as being more emotionally stable and capable of providing financial security, which are highly valued traits in a partner.


4. Jealousy and Possessiveness:

Thai women can be very protective of their relationships, sometimes to the point of jealousy. Understanding and addressing these feelings openly can help maintain a healthy relationship. It’s essential to reassure your Thai girlfriend of your commitment and loyalty.


5. Adaptability:

Thai women are known for their adaptability and resilience. Whether they come from rural areas or bustling cities, they often have a remarkable ability to adjust to new environments and situations. This trait can be beneficial if you plan to invite her to the UK, as she will likely handle cultural differences and challenges with grace.


Progressing the Relationship


If the family meeting goes well, your relationship is likely to progress positively. You might then consider inviting your Thai girlfriend to the UK to meet your family and friends. For this, she will need a UK holiday visa, which allows her to stay for up to 6 months in any 12-month period. This visa is intended for short-term visits. For longer durations or if you are considering marriage, a resident visa will be necessary.


Taking Your Thai Girlfriend to the UK


1. Experiencing the UK:

Bringing your Thai girlfriend to the UK allows her to experience your culture, environment, and daily life firsthand. This visit can help her understand your lifestyle better and strengthen your relationship by bridging cultural gaps.


2. Overcoming Culture Shock:

While visiting the UK, your Thai girlfriend may experience culture shock due to the differences in social norms, food, weather, and language. Be patient and supportive as she navigates these new experiences, and encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings.


3. Integration and Acceptance:


Introducing your Thai girlfriend to your family and friends in the UK can facilitate her integration into your social circle. Their acceptance and support can play a crucial role in making her feel welcomed and valued, reinforcing her commitment to the relationship.


Marrying Your Thai Girlfriend


1. Marriage Visitor Visa:
If you plan to marry in the UK and then return to Thailand, your girlfriend will need a Marriage Visitor Visa. This visa is valid for six months, during which you must get married.


2. Fiancée Visa:
If you intend to settle in the UK after marriage, she will need a Fiancée Visa. This visa also lasts for six months, during which you must marry and apply for further leave to remain in the UK.


3. Spouse Visa:
If you marry in Thailand and then plan to move to the UK, your wife will need a Spouse Visa. This visa allows her to live and work in the UK without restrictions.


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