Why Does My Thai Girlfriend Get So Jealous?

Why Does My Thai Girlfriend Get So Jealous?

This is a question that we frequently get asked as it is a common theme. Thai girls can are notoriously jealous and there are possibly a number of reasons for this although which, if any, applies to your Thai girl may be unclear. All humans regardless of if they are male or female, Thai or English has the potential to be jealous and different factors can spark this jealousy. How well you know your Thai girlfriend may give you the answers that you need.


Think about your Thai girlfriend’s upbringing. Does she come from a broken home or has she been passed around between different family members as she was growing up? Both of these situations can lead to her feel a little insecure in which case her jealousy may be down to her feeling unwanted and vulnerable. You may give her a sense of security and she is scared that someone is going to take that off her.


Of course, some of the problems may stem from experiences that she has had in the past – perhaps with a Thai boyfriend who has cheated on her. This could be her reason for coming to Pattaya in the first place in the hope that westerners are ‘different’ but is still suspicious of every man and that includes you! This is perhaps when you need to show that you are indeed different and give her reassurance rather than getting angry – feeling that these are all false accusations.


You could then think about the more practical reasons why she is jealous. OK, you may be the best looking guy in the world but perhaps it is the security, the lifestyle and dares we say it, the money is what she’s most attracted to? If she has come from a village and the luxury that you offer her maybe something that she has become accustomed too. This is one aspect of her life that she is very happy with and certainly has no intention of losing. Once again, she may be afraid that someone is going to take this off her.


Then there is a simple fact that that this is just her personality and she does get jealous. Your Thai girlfriend may be jealous of her friends, other family members, or anyone else. If this is the case, there is very little that you can do about it and you have to make the choice whether you can accept it or not. Let’s face you fell in love with your Thai girlfriend and this now includes jealousy!


You could always make your Thai girlfriend feel more secure by taking her back to the UK to show her where you are from. This would involve her traveling on a UK Tourist Visa. This will probably make her feel special and wanted which will hopefully lead to her jealousy levels dropping. Doing this will probably help both parties understand each other and also she will be taken out of her comfort zone and may realize how much you do for her.


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