Australian Visa Service Thailand: Tips for Adjusting to Life in Australia

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Australian Visa Service Thailand: Tips for Adjusting to Life in Australia

Learning to live in a new country can be terrifying.  You feel like you’re surrounded by strangers.  And even if you speak the same language, their accents are different, their food is different and the way they get things done is also different.  If you’re an Australian citizen marrying a Thai citizen, an Australian visa service Thailand will help you bring your wife over to be with you.  But this is only the first step because  you’re going to have to walk your sweetheart through the process of adjusting to living in Australia.  So here are a few tips to keep both of you going when the going gets tough:

  1. Language.  Language is one of the main stumbling blocks when you move to a new country.  Your Thai bride may not be 100% comfortable in English, even if she speaks it quite well.  Besides, Australians speak the language with a different accent than Thai nationals.  So she’ll have to go through a process of adjustment.  She can overcome this by taking English classes even while she’s still in Thailand, waiting for her visa to come through.  Encourage her to read more in English and maybe watch some Australian movies.  This way, she’ll be prepared to converse easily when she moves to Australia to be with you.
  2. Fashion and Interiors.  Your bride might have to start dressing a little differently when she comes to Australia, because of the change in weather.  It’s best if she doesn’t leave behind all her Thai clothes because this will only make her uncomfortable.  Instead, encourage her to bring all her things with her from Thailand.  Wearing the same clothes, looking at the same decorative knick-knacks and even cooking the same food will help her feel more at home.  And the more she feels at home, the more she’ll be likely to get out and explore more in the new culture around her.
  3. Getting Out.  When you move to a new country, you might feel a little uncomfortable going places and meeting people.  Encourage your wife to learn about the new modes of transportation available to her so that she can go out whenever she wants.  As long as she keeps busy working and having a social life, she won’t have too much time to miss Thailand. At the same time, it’s a good idea to invest in a phone plan which will enable her to call her family and friends in Thailand too.  This way, she can have the best of both worlds and so can you.

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