Education visa Thailand

Education visa Thailand

**Student Visa for Thailand**


For individuals seeking to study in Thailand, a one-year Non-Immigrant Education visa, commonly referred to as an “ED” Visa, is available to applicants of almost every nationality. This visa allows for an extended stay in Thailand, specifically for educational purposes. Rather than engaging in frequent border runs to neighbouring countries, this visa permits a stay of up to 90 days before requiring reporting to local immigration offices.


If your aim is to study Thai language and culture while residing legally in Thailand, the Education visa is the ideal option. Thailand boasts numerous reputable language schools, particularly in Pattaya and Bangkok, where you can pursue your studies. Thai Visa Express can assist you in navigating the process of obtaining an education visa in Thailand.


**Qualifications for an Education Visa**


Most nationalities are eligible for an education visa in Thailand, with exceptions for individuals from India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, and certain Eastern countries. These individuals must apply for the visa from their countries of origin. To determine if you qualify for an education visa, contact us at 0801022328.


Please note that while enrolling in a Thai language course is a common route for obtaining an ED visa, it’s important to genuinely participate in classes. Immigration authorities may occasionally assess language proficiency during visa extensions. It’s advisable to attend classes regularly to avoid complications.


Every individual aged 12 to 99 is eligible for an ED-Visa, provided they fulfil the requirement of attending the relevant classes.


**Additional Visa Services**


In addition to education visas, Thai Visa Express offers assistance with various other visa types, including retirement visas, marriage visas, and handling visa overstay issues. Contact our Pattaya office for comprehensive guidance on education visa requirements and other visa services.




Contact our Pattaya office, and we will advise you on all the education visa requirements today.

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