Biometric Resident Permit In The UK – Obtaining A Residence Permit In The UK

When you arrive in the UK & you intend to stay 6 months or more you will need a biometric residence permit. When traveling there are many forms of identifications immigrants use to show their rights to work, study and live in a country for a short to a long period of time. Below presents an outline of this identification, it’s a necessity and uses.

You’ll get a biometric  residence permit if you :


What is a BRP (Biometric Resident Permit)?


When migrating or visiting the UK this identification is the BRP (Biometric Resident Permit). A Biometric Resident Permit includes information similar to a travel passport. The photo identification card presents your “biometric information” including your name, DOB, place of birth, validity date, immigration status, and stays conditions while in the UK.  Depending on your Biometric Resident Permit, you are given a NINO (National Insurance Number) and would on the back of your Biometric Resident Permit and consists of an alpha-numerical combination. It is important to only present your Nino when necessary as this number is connected to your identity in the UK; its uses are for tax and insurance contributions with your employer, banking and loan applications, and any other purposes that require your Nino.

How Do I Obtain a Biometric Resident Permit?


The Biometric Resident Permit is automatically received when your travel visa or immigration application is approved as well as if you were updating prior documents. You can also obtain a BRP if you apply to visit the UK or extend your visa in the UK for longer than 6 months. You can receive a Biometric Resident Permit when you apply for certain Home Office traveler documents such as a Certificate of Travel or Declaration of Identity. For adults 18 years and older, you must provide a photo, scanned fingerprints, and a signature. If you are an appropriate adult registering your child under 6 years (inside the UK) or 5 years (outside the UK) they do not have to provide fingerprints, also children do not provide a signature.

Where do I provide my Biometric Information?      


When applying from within the UK, a post office branch that offers Home Office biometric residence permit enrollment would be a great place. Also, a premium service center such as Thai Visa Express. You can contact us, our team of thoroughly efficient immigration advisers can help make this process easy and painless.

Report All Changes and Discrepancies.


Once received, ensure that you report any and all changes regarding your Biometric Resident Permit and never hesitate to ask for an administrative review when needed. This includes any mistakes of any of your biometric information, damages to your permit, and conditions of your visa. Here at Thai Visa Express, we hope this helps to prepare for your visit or move to the UK.

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