Biometrics for Australian visa

Biometrics for Australian visa

Thailand is a part of the biometrics for the Australian visa program. If you have applied in Thailand, regardless of your nationality, for one of the Australian visa subclasses that is part of the biometrics program, you will need to provide your biometrics to the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).



What are biometrics?


Biometrics is the collection of your fingerprints and a digital facial image photograph. The process is both discreet and non-invasive and generally takes less than 15 minutes.


What visas are included in the biometrics program?


Many temporary and permanent Australian visa subclasses are included in the biometrics program, including the following visas commonly applied for in Thailand:

  • subclass 600 visitor visa
  • subclass 309 partner visa
  • subclass 300 prospective marriage visa


Biometrics collection in Thailand


If you submit your application in person to the Australian Visa Application Centre in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you will be required to provide your biometrics at the same time that your application is submitted. There is also a service fee for the biometrics in addition to the visa application charge. If you have submitted your visa application online or by post, you will be advised in writing of your requirement to providing biometrics within a certain time. If you fail to provide your biometrics within the required time, your visa application may be refused.


  1. the biometrics appointment letter.
  2. your current passport.
  3. the letter you received from the Department advising you of your requirement to provide biometrics.
  4. the service fee for biometrics, which is currently 851 Thai Baht.


Where can I do the biometrics in Thailand?


In Thailand, you will need to provide your biometrics in person at either the Australian Visa Application Centre in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

  • Bangkok – The Trendy Office Building, 28th Floor, Sukhumvit Soi 13
  • Chiang Mai – 191 Siripanich 6B Floor Huaykaew Rd, Suthep Muang Chiang Mai


I have previously provided biometrics. Do I need to provide them again?


Yes. Biometrics can’t be used for multiple visa applications to Australia. Regardless of whether you have provided biometrics previously, you will need to provide them again if you apply for one of the visa subclasses included in the biometrics program, and your application is submitted in a participating biometrics country, such as Thailand.

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