Can You Trust Thai Girls – They Dont Lie

So many guys are getting into relationships with Thai girls, Thailand is full of cheap hotels & flight deals it’s the obvious place to meet a Thai lady. The one thing with most long-distance relationships with Thai girls seems to be can you trust them especially when they are perhaps 6000 miles away. The idea with a lot of these guys is to send the girl back to the village ( Pattaya bar scene) in extreme cases hiring a Pattaya private eye to spy on them. Many guys get asked to go on check on my Thai girlfriend to see is shes working in a bar in Pattaya or Soi Nana in Bangkok. You can find some excellent such as Private Dancer this is a great read all about Thai girls it’s a must-read for anyone coming to the land of smiles for the first time.Lots of telltale signs can catch out even the well-trained bar girls, follow these tips as long as you can accept the truth!


Western Union Pickups – money transfers to your Thai girlfriend.


These can generally be tracked to see where the Thai girls picked up the funds, track this online ask for an alert to be sent to you.


Is your  Thai girlfriend listed on any dating sites as available?


A quick check on the various Thai dating sites might give you a big surprise many Thai girls are active on these dating sites perhaps arrange to meet with her.


A very obvious sign is to check your Thai girl’s phone – no signal – big rain don’t be a fool!


You will be the bad boy for looking at her phone, and beware bar girls now have two mobile phones and even dual sims are available on many phone models.


Bad girls  often work in the entertainment districts of Bangkok & Pattaya mostly:

Work in Thai massage clubs, Bars or late-night dance clubs


Sleep in bed all day & party all night


Never  answer the phone unless its money transfer day


Mix in a large circle of Thai girls & farangs


A normal Thai lady will be much the same as meeting a western girl ‘ OH Dear’ well not exactly the same. You must respect the Thai culture and make the effort it is worth it in the end. To succeed in any multicultural relationship you must en devour at all times most guys at some time want to apply for a UK tourist visa for example. Remember always do your homework before getting involved in any relationship, you only hear the bad stories, not the good ones. It is a very small percentage of people who have bad experiences in Thailand often they bring it on themselves, Thailand is a great country full of very beautiful girls.In the end, the truth of the matter is that trust in any relationship this simply takes time.


And remember that it does not only trust on your part that needs to develop. The girl needs time to trust you a lot of farangs come to Thailand and promise them the world to simply return to the west and forget about them it’s a two-way thing. Get in touch with us if you need any professional advice about how to get a visa for a Thai girl today we will be happy to assist you.

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