Overstaying Your Visa In Thailand

The maximum fine for a visa overstay in Thailand is 20,000 THB if you are caught by Pattaya immigration you may well go to prison & possibly be deported. This is an act of overstaying your visa in Thailand exceeding the permitted amount of time you can legally stay in Thai land is against the law. Once you enter the kingdom of  Thailand you will get an entry stamp that tells you when your visa expires and when you must exit Thailand, New Thai visa rules have recently been brought into force limiting the amount of back-to-back border runs you can do.


  • Enter Thailand 30 days
  • Cambodian border run 30 days
  • You must exit the country and go to a Thai consulate to get a Thai visa


This is to encourage foreigners to secure a proper Thai visa from a Royal Thai Embassy before arriving in Thailand and foreigners are advised to secure a Thai visa before arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Thailand. Most foreign nationals get a 30-day visa on arrival but you should check with the airline or local consulate before you depart.


Overstaying Your Visa In Thailand -A Bad Idea


Overstaying your visa in Thailand is exceeding the duration of your permit to stay as stated by the stamp or visa in particular. If, for example, you’re deemed to exit the country by 15th of March (as stamped in your passport) and you’re still in Thailand by the 16th, you are already overstaying. It is every farang’s obligation to exit Thailand on or before their permit of stay expires, so no matter what the reasons are it is necessary to report immigration as required.


You May End Up In Prison  For Overstaying Your Visa In Thailand


Many farangs think that overstaying your visa in Thailand is acceptable because all they will pay is the standard fines. The worst-case scenario is you could end up getting the dreaded status of “Persona Non-Grata”. This literally means “an unwelcome person”.In general, it’s a very bad idea to overstay your visa in Thailand Contact us.

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