How Much Does a Dowry Cost in Thailand?

How Much Does a Dowry Cost in Thailand?

One of the things that differs very much from Thailand to the west is the fact that a dowry is expected to be paid when you marry a Thai girl. Often referred to as Sin Sod, it is something that forms a large part of Thai culture and is a reward for parents bringing up their daughter well. To a certain degree, it is also to prove that you are financially capable of supporting their daughter. Often it is more symbolic these days and is often returned after the wedding.


What is expected?


  • A 24-karat gold ring is a must and the larger, the better!
  • For a university-educated girl, the price should be anywhere between THB100,000 and THB300,000
  • For Thai bargirls, THB100,000 is the highest that should be paid – usually a lot lower
  • “Models” may demand that more is paid
  • Some parents may demand as much as THB1 million from a “farang”


Is it reasonable?


Coming from a western culture, most of us would regard the dowry as being something that is very unreasonable, especially as you have probably financially taken care of the girl for several years. However, in Thailand, the family will always come first, so you are likely to encounter problems if you refuse to pay or even air your views. If you were to marry in the UK and travel on a UK Fiancée Visa, the chances are you would have to pay more – paying for the family to travel to the wedding. Chose carefully!


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