Is Now a Good Time to Leave Thailand?

Is Now a Good Time to Leave Thailand?

Just as Pattaya appeared to be showing some signs of recovery, the coronavirus has once again hit the city badly. Inevitably, many of the hardest hit are the westerners working in the city. With tourist numbers being almost non-existent, many businesses face the prospect of being forced to close their door permanently. When this is combined with Sterling rapidly losing value, even the retirees are asking the question if now is the right time to leave?


Benefits of Staying


Pattaya is a fantastic place to live and work – in the good times. The atmosphere is more relaxed, which is obviously aided by the weather, and you can lead a lifestyle that you could only dream of in the UK. Here are just a few of the other reasons for staying.

  • The cost of living is cheaper (although not to the same extent as before)
  • The Thai girls
  • The food and drinks
  • The strong ex-pat community spirit

Reasons for Leaving


It is unrealistic to think that Pattaya will suddenly bounce back. People are losing their jobs around the world, and we are almost certain to enter an economic recession. The security and the safety net are better in the UK. However, for many people in long-term relationships, they would want their partner to come back to the UK with them either on a UK Tourist Visa or a UK Spouse Visa.


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