Is now a good time to leave Thailand?

The recent resurgence of the coronavirus has dealt a significant blow to Pattaya, just as it seemed to be on the path to recovery. Westerners working in the city have been particularly hard hit by the downturn, as tourist numbers remain almost non-existent. Consequently, many businesses are grappling with the grim possibility of permanent closure.


Compounding the challenges, the depreciation of the sterling exacerbates the financial strain faced by retirees living in Pattaya. With these economic uncertainties looming large, even retirees find themselves contemplating whether now is the opportune moment to depart from Pattaya.The prevailing circumstances underscore the profound impact of the pandemic on both the local economy and the livelihoods of residents and expatriates alike. As Pattaya navigates through these turbulent times, individuals are faced with tough decisions regarding their future in the city.


Despite the current challenges, there are still compelling reasons to consider staying in Pattaya:


1. **Cost of Living:** While the cost of living may not be as low as it once was, Pattaya still offers a relatively affordable lifestyle compared to many Western countries. This can include lower housing costs, dining out, transportation, and entertainment expenses.

2. **Quality of Life:** Pattaya boasts a relaxed atmosphere, often complemented by favourable weather conditions, allowing for a lifestyle that may be more enjoyable and fulfilling compared to the UK. The city offers a diverse range of recreational activities and leisure opportunities, from beaches to nightlife, catering to various interests and preferences.

3. **Cultural Experience:** Pattaya provides an enriching cultural experience, offering opportunities to immerse oneself in Thai culture, traditions, and customs. This can include exploring local markets, temples, festivals, and interacting with the friendly local community.

4. **Thai Cuisine and Nightlife:** Pattaya is renowned for its vibrant food scene, with a plethora of delicious Thai dishes and international cuisines to savor. Additionally, the city’s nightlife offers a dynamic and exciting social scene, with bars, clubs, and entertainment venues catering to diverse tastes.

5. **Expat Community:** Pattaya boasts a strong expatriate community, providing a sense of camaraderie, support, and social connections for residents from various backgrounds. Engaging with the expat community can help newcomers integrate into life in Pattaya more smoothly and foster lasting friendships.

While the current circumstances may pose challenges, Pattaya’s unique blend of affordability, lifestyle, culture, and community spirit may still make it an attractive destination for those willing to weather the storm.


There are valid reasons why some individuals may choose to leave Pattaya:


1. **Economic Uncertainty:** With global job losses and the looming prospect of an economic recession, the future outlook for Pattaya’s job market and business environment may be uncertain. This uncertainty can lead to concerns about financial stability and job security for expatriates living and working in the city.

2. **Safety and Security:** While Pattaya offers many attractions and amenities, some individuals may prioritize safety and security, which they perceive to be better in their home country, such as the UK. This could encompass concerns about healthcare, social services, crime rates, and overall stability.

3. **Partner Considerations:** For individuals in long-term relationships, the desire to have their partner accompany them back to their home country, either on a UK Tourist Visa or a UK Spouse Visa, can be a significant factor in the decision to leave Pattaya. This may involve considerations of family, future plans, and the desire for a shared life in a familiar environment.

4. **Quality of Life:** While Pattaya offers a unique lifestyle and cultural experience, some individuals may find that the allure diminishes in light of broader considerations such as healthcare access, educational opportunities, infrastructure, and environmental factors.


Ultimately, the decision to leave Pattaya is a highly personal one, influenced by a combination of economic, social, and personal factors. It’s essential for individuals to carefully weigh their priorities, assess their options, and make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals and well-being.


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