Obtaining A Passport For Your Child

Obtaining a Passport for your Child

Obtaining a passport for your child and the appropriate visas for your child or children is a daunting task. You are already trying to plan the logistics of travel, and applying for a child’s passport or visa is just another headache to add to the mix. Follow the simple steps below, and we hope to make this process easier for you and your family:


  • Apply early! It can take several weeks to months to process a passport, so never wait until the last minute. This traveller gives some good tips on applying for children.
  • Know all of the rules and requirements. Visit pages like this to learn more about the specifics required for children.
  • Follow the guidelines for an appropriate photo; these are very specific, so don’t get caught here.
  • Gather the appropriate documentation and accompany your child, including a birth certificate or a certified copy from the applicant’s district office, house registration, parents or legal guardian’s citizenship I.D. Card, parental consent letter, and a certified copy of the parent’s citizenship I.D. Card of a parent not attending.
  • Be prepared to pay a fee!
  • Children’s passports expire faster than adults, so watch their expiration dates closely.
  • Research what countries require visas and complete the proper paperwork.
  • Make sure passports will be good for at least 6 months after travel; many countries will not allow you access without at least 6 months’ time remaining on your passport; start the renewal process now if that is the case.


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For additional assistance in processing your passport or visa needs for your children or for yourself, please contact us at Thai Visa Services.  We also are able to process Thai visas and we look forward to helping you with your travel plans!

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