Refused a UK visa – whats next can we re-apply ?

My Thai girlfriend was refused a UK visa. There are lots of reasons visas are refused,often visa refusals can be addressed with a re-application. You can reapply for a visit visa if you can add further information or your circumstances has changed since the last application.


  • Lack of assets – if you have been refused a UK visa one of the common reasons is a lack of assets & ties. These maybe for example a house, land, motor car, or other property in the applicant’s name. Also, strong family ties & employment are all positive signs that the applicant will return at the end of her proposed visit to the UK.
  • Lack of evidence of reason to travel. If you are asking for a visa to visit family or friends, or to visit places in the UK, then you must provide evidence of that. If, for instance, you are going to attend a family wedding, then provide such evidence as a wedding invitation.
  • No relationship evidence –  include call, chat logs, masonry transfers if they are relevant.
  • Taking immigration advice from friends & family – do not like your partners friends complete immigration forms simple errors on forms can lead to a 10 year ban from the UK. You should use a reputable agent with immigration background everybody is a visa expert but most have never applied for one.
  • When can I apply again after a visa refusal – If you have been refused a UK tourist visa you can apply immediately , but you must address the original refusal. Read the GV51 carefully & add further documents to address the refusal, if in doubt they do not apply again until you can supply further information.
  • Does the refusal have a right of appeal – I’m afraid not your only option is to try again.


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