TB test for UK visa applicants – who needs to attend the TB clinic ?

TB test for UK visa applicants, if a visa applicant is wishing to travel to and stay in either the UK or Australia for 6 months or longer they may be required to undergo Tuberculosis (TB) screening as part of their Visa application. This rule applies to all classes of visas whether it be a Settlement Visa or not.


Tuberculosis Screening in Thailand – TB Testing Bangkok, how where to book the test ?


The TB screening is administered by a Migration Advisory Body in the case of Thailand the tests are administered by the International Office of Migration (IOM). The tests can only be conducted by hospitals and consultants approved by the IOM.After registering with the IOM the TB screening consists of a chest x-ray at an approved IOM hospital. The consultant will check for the existence of any TB present during the applicant’s consultation. If the result of the x-ray is not conclusive the applicant may also be asked to give sputum over a period of days to properly diagnose the existence of TB or not. If TB is found remedial action will be recommended by the consultant and a new appointment will need to be made.


If the TB test shows that an applicant does not have a TB then a certificate will be issued to the Visa applicant by the IOM which is valid for six months from the date of the test. The certificate and a copy need to be included with the Visa application buy viagra new zealand online. It is also recommended that the TB certificate is carried with Visa applicants when they arrive in the UK. It has been known for immigration control at the airport to ask for the certificate or a copy of it.


Test exemption – children may be exempt find out more!


TB test for UK visa applicants exemptions, children – every child visa applicant must see a consultant they will decide if they need a chest x-ray or not. Normally children under the age of 11 will not undergo a TB test X-Ray. Whatever the circumstance the child after must be after registering with the IOM be taken to an approved IOM hospital and complete a health questionnaire. If the consultant decides the child doesn’t have TB they will duly issue a recommendation that a TB certificate be issued to the IOM. Again, the certificate needs to be included with the child’s UK visa application and carried with them as they enter the UK.



Pregnant women – TB test for UK visa applicants, do they need to attend?


Due to the female applicant’s disposition then great care is taken not to adversely affect the health of the unborn child therefore pregnant women can choose:


  • A TB test X-Ray with an X-Ray shield to protect both mother and unborn child.
  • A sputum test


Or ….to wait until after delivery of the child.


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