Should I Marry My Thai Girlfriend?

Should I marry my Thai girlfriend?

The subject of marriage is a topic that many girls like to bring up, and that is no different anywhere in the world. However, in Thailand, it can be a subject that is brought up more often, with your Thai lady keen to secure not only her own future but that of her family. Westerners are still viewed as the rich cash cow in many instances and are seen as a meal ticket. Of course, not all girls or their families are like this, but it is something that you need to be aware of.


Village Wedding or Legal Wedding?


The idea of a “village wedding” is purely ceremonial and is when a dowry is expected to be paid to your new Thai “wife’s” family. While this may be a pleasant day and make her family happy, it serves little purpose. Indeed, should you ever wish to live together in the UK, it would not be valid when applying for a UK spouse visa. It is therefore worth giving serious thought to what, if any, benefits you will get from a village wedding.


Payment of a Dowry


Although the dowry is not something that we are familiar with in the UK, it essentially involves the groom paying the bride’s family. It can be anything upwards of tens of thousands of baht, depending on your Thai wife’s social standing. Naturally, if huge sums are demanded, it may scuttle any plans for the wedding.


Does She Love You?


This is perhaps the most significant factor. If your Thai girlfriend genuinely loves you, and you love her, then there really is no reason not to get married. However, if there is a large age difference and she refers to you as papa,” you may want to question if it is you or your money that she loves!


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