Should I Marry My Thai Girlfriend?

Should I marry my Thai girlfriend?

In Thailand, the topic of marriage is often brought up by Thai women girls, similar to elsewhere in the world. However, in Thailand, it may be raised more frequently, as Thai women often seek to secure not only their own future but also that of their families. Westerners are sometimes perceived as wealthy individuals, and there is a stereotype that they can provide financial stability. While not all Thai women or their families hold this view, it’s essential to be mindful of such perceptions and expectations.


**Village Wedding or Legal Wedding?  **


When deciding between a village wedding and a legal wedding in Thailand, it’s important to consider the implications of each option.

A village wedding is primarily ceremonial and involves the payment of a dowry to the family of your Thai partner. While this event may bring joy to her family, it holds little legal significance. Importantly, a village wedding would not be recognised as a valid marriage ceremony when applying for a UK spouse visa. Therefore, if your intention is to live together in the UK in the future, a village wedding may not serve your long-term goals.


On the other hand, a legal wedding conducted according to Thai law would provide legal recognition of your marriage. This would be essential if you plan to apply for a UK spouse visa, as it would demonstrate the validity of your marriage to immigration authorities.

Ultimately, the choice between a village wedding and a legal wedding depends on your priorities and long-term plans. It’s important to carefully consider the legal implications and potential consequences of each option before making a decision.


 **Payment of a Dowry  **


The payment of a dowry, while not customary in the UK, is a traditional practice in Thailand where the groom provides a sum of money or gifts to the bride’s family. The amount of the dowry can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the social status of the bride’s family and local customs.


In Thailand, dowries can range from modest amounts to substantial sums of money, sometimes reaching tens of thousands of baht or more. However, it’s essential to approach this tradition with careful consideration, especially if the requested dowry exceeds your budget or financial capabilities.


If the dowry demanded by the bride’s family is excessively high, it could potentially disrupt or even prevent the wedding from taking place as planned. Therefore, it’s crucial to discuss and negotiate the terms of the dowry with your partner and her family beforehand to ensure mutual understanding and agreement.


Ultimately, while the payment of a dowry is a customary practice in Thai culture, it’s essential to approach it thoughtfully and respectfully, taking into account both cultural traditions and practical considerations.


 **If someone has been married previously, is a dowry payable? **


In Thai culture, the payment of a dowry (known as “sin sod”) is traditionally expected, regardless of whether either party has been previously married. The dowry is considered a symbolic gesture of gratitude from the groom’s family to the bride’s family for raising and taking care of their daughter. However, the amount of the dowry can vary widely depending on various factors, such as social status, education level, and family wealth. While it is a longstanding tradition, the payment of a dowry is not legally required, and couples may negotiate the terms of the dowry based on their individual circumstances and preferences. Ultimately, whether a dowry is payable in a particular marriage depends on the cultural norms and agreements between the families involved.


**Does She love You?**


The most significant factor to consider when contemplating marriage to your Thai girlfriend is the genuineness of her love for you, and vice versa. If both parties share genuine affection and mutual respect, then marriage can be a natural and fulfilling step in your relationship. However, if there is a significant age gap between you and your partner, and she refers to you as “papa,” it may raise questions about the nature of her feelings and whether financial considerations are influencing the relationship.


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