Thai Girls & Dating: Dressing To Impress Them !

Thai girls & dating them what are the facts . One thing about dating Thai girls is that nearly all the women are beautiful levitra cijena. They take care of themselves to the point of artistry. Even the men wear nice clothes and try to look their most handsome.

For Westerners that have long sported the casual and/or ragged look, take note: you need to dress well, look sharp, and smell good if you want to impress your Thai date.

Here are 3 tips to help your dress your very finest and make a good impression on your Thai date.


Thai Girls & Dating – Buy New Clothes Dress To Impress


If you’re backpacking around Thailand, you probably don’t give much concern to the way you look. Your jeans might have holes in them (your shirts too) and your shoes give clear evidence of your jungle treks. While this might not bother you, it certainly doesn’t attract a Thai girl worth having around.

If you plan on dating a Thai girl, you need to start dressing nicely. Fortunately, clothes in Thailand are cheap and in abundance, so you have no excuses for owning a new pair of jeans, some nice dress shirts, and a new pair of shoes.


Cut Your Hair


While some men look good with long hair, it’s clear other men just having gotten their hair cut in a while. Thailand is quite traditional in its gender roles. Men are supposed to have short hair and women are supposed to have long hair.

If your hair looks like it’s spent many nights in a tent or has grown shaggy or too long, you’d be better off cutting it off if you want to meet Thai girls. While every person has their own style, ask yourself would look like this at your job or would your boss ask you to cut it off?


Wear Cologne


Too many men have underestimated the power of cologne. While deodorant is a given and Axe has become a household brand, investing in some nice cologne will increase your attractiveness tenfold.It’s all about the pheromones. Thai women in particular get weak in the knees when they smell a nice cologne. It really says something about the man and his confidence. Expect her to draw closer and closer in as she tries to get a better whiff of your manly scent.


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