Thai Retirement Visa For The Over 50

Thai retirement visa

A Thai retirement visa lives the dream in Thailand. Like many of your peers, you have put in decades of hard work, building a family, a home, and a life.  Now that it’s time to retire, shouldn’t you be looking less at retiring to the same old location, and more at retiring in beauty and luxury? You can get a Thai retirement visa as long as you are 50 and over and live & retire in Thailand.


Thai Retirement Visa For The Over 50!


Thailand is quickly rising in the ranks for top locations to retire.  Thanks to the lower cost of living, the simple truth is, a retirement to Thailand can transform your later years from a life of “getting by” to one of “living well.”  Costs of living, including housing, transportation, and food all are significantly less in Thailand than in the UK, most of Europe, or the United States.  This allows a limited retirement income to go further and enables you to attain those luxuries of life that many retirees a forced to do without.

Other draws that are making Thailand a popular retirement location are the climate and the central location of Thailand for those wanting to explore Asia.  Whether you are a fan of the tropical, looking for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches to spend time on, or simply want to “check out” from the dreaded cold and snow of Winter, Thailand can provide all that you are looking for.  With a tropical climate, Thailand weather consists (over the majority of the country) of only two seasons–dry and wet.  Meaning that you can leave your snow shovel behind when you retire here & get a Thai retirement visa!


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As for location, Thailand offers a convenient home base for those looking to travel throughout Asia during retirement.  Vietnam, China and Japan are all easily accessible when living in Thailand, making travel almost effortless.  If you are looking to experience all that Asia has to offer during retirement, Thailand is the ideal, central location for you.


Thai Retirement Visa Live The Dream In Thailand!


Of course, Thailand is not known as “The Land of Smiles,” for nothing. From the friendly native people to the breathtaking vistas, there is much in Thailand to smile about, including the world-renowned cuisine! Feast on every Thai dish imaginable, and become an expert on the delicacies this amazing country has to offer.  Yet, rest assured that you can also enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase many of the comforts of home (both food and other retail items) in most major business centers throughout Thailand.


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Thailand Retirement visas are attainable for retirees over the age of 50 and can be renewed annually without needing to leave the country,  making the process for those who meet the criteria even easier.  Determining eligibility and providing the right documentation is a breeze with the help of Thai Visa Express.  We can make sure your income is presented and proven, your non-immigrant visa is processed, and all Thai visa requirements have been met. You too can spend your retiring years in the beauty and ease that Thailand has to offer.  Contact us today to see how easy it can be to get a Thai retirement visa in 1 day !

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