Thailand Does Perform a U-Turn on TM28 Reporting

Overstaying your visa In Thailand

The implementation of the TM30 and TM28 reporting requirements has stirred controversy among foreigners in Thailand since its enforcement last year, mandating foreigners to report their whereabouts, even for short absences from their residences. However, a recent change in January, albeit largely unnoticed until now, has brought relief. The requirement to submit a TM30 when leaving one’s province for 24 hours and a TM28 upon returning home is no longer mandatory, as suggested by the Thai Immigration website, which now excludes almost everyone from this obligation. While informing immigration of a change in address remains necessary, it seems that common sense has prevailed.


Previously, the rationale behind the TM30 and TM28 forms included national security, crime reduction, and the safety of foreigners. However, many foreigners found these requirements burdensome and opted to seek alternatives, viewing them as the last straw and an affront to their presence in Thailand. Hopefully, this adjustment will help attract disenchanted western tourists back to Thailand and destinations like Pattaya. Given the frequent changes in rules without adequate notification, it’s advisable to check the Thai Immigration website before travelling to ensure compliance with regulations.


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