Thailand Does Perform a U-Turn on TM28 Reporting

TM28 and TM30


The TM30 and the TM28 reporting has caused uproar amongst foreigners in Thailand since it was first enforced fast year with foreigners being forced to report their whereabouts even if they just away from their home for 24-hours. It all changed (again) on January, although it went largely unnoticed and certainly unreported until now


Thankfully the requirement to fill in a TM30 when you go to another province for 24-hours and then a TM28 when you return to your usual residence is no longer a requirement with the Thai Immigration website now suggesting that almost everyone is excluded. If you change address, you still need to inform immigration, but now it appears that common sense has prevailed.


What were the reasons for needing to complete the TM30 & TM28?


Although the sense behind the need to complete these forms escaped most of us, the reasons that Thai Immigration said that the forms needed to be completed included:

  • To protect national security
  • To reduce crime
  • For the foreigner’s safety


Unfortunately, it resulted in many foreigners deciding to go elsewhere with this being viewed as the last straw and final insult for foreigners in Thailand. Perhaps the move will help to attract the disenchanted western tourists back to Thailand and places like Pattaya. As the rules change frequently and without suitable notification, we would recommend checking the Thai Immigration website before you travel to ensure you don’t flout any laws!


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