What Can You Do If Your UK Tourist Visa Gets Rejected?

UK Tourist Visa Rejected

Sadly many Thai girlfriends have been turned down for UK Tourist Visas. In most cases because the application forms have been incorrectly completed or they have been given bad advice. Of course, this can be hugely disappointing for both you and your Thai girlfriend so, at Thai Visa Express, we do all we can to try and stop this from happening. If you meet the criteria, we can help.


What are the requirements for a UK Spouse Visa?


  • Your Thai girlfriend must be 18 years old or above
  • Your Thai girlfriend must intend to visit the UK for no more than six months
  • SHE must be able to support herself in the UK
  • SHE must have the means to return to Thailand when her visa expires
  • SHE must have somewhere appropriate to stay for the duration of her visit


Why was your Thai girlfriend rejected previously?


Assuming that your Thai girlfriend meets all of the criteria above, she hasn’t overstayed in the UK previously, hasn’t flouted any rules, and doesn’t have a criminal record, the most common reason for being rejected is due to the paperwork. Often applications aren’t completed correctly, or information is missing. Also, you will need to supply supporting information and documents that will act as the necessary proof. We can help you compile this information and make sure everything is correctly completed.


We can help


Thai Visa Express is a team of professional immigration consultants who are always ready to assist you and your Thai girlfriend with your UK Tourist Visa application in Thailand. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with UK visas & immigration daily, and we are regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in the UK. We offer a free 30-minute consultation from one of our designated caseworkers, contact us today.

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