Artificial Intelligence for UK Visa Approvals is Biased!

Artificial Intelligence UK Visas

A leading immigrant rights group has claimed in the UK that using AI to grant visa approvals is biased. The campaigners want to know have the system works and what algorithms are used, claiming that it favours white people.


The Home Office View


The Home Office has challenged these opinions stating that the system does not “ultimately rule” decisions with caseworkers still have the final say. The reason for using the system to help streamline and increase efficiency, thus resulting in faster processing times.


No Racial Bias


Although the system does put applicants into categories, there is no racial bias the Home Office has said. Concerns have naturally been raised in Thailand with fears that the application process could result in Thai wives being refused or delayed entry into the UK, separating families for long periods.


Complaints About The Home Office


The vast majority of complaints about the Home Office relating to immigration issues with left-wing groups blaming the government and their stance on immigration. If you are in Thailand, we would certainly recommend that you make your application at the British Embassy in Bangkok to reduce unnecessary delays and upset that could potentially be caused.


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