What Is A Thai Village Wedding?

Thai Wedding

A Thai Village Weddings is a common occurrence, especially in Isaan, and is the joining of a couple in a common-law marriage although they are not legally married. The event is taken very seriously, and monks and village elders will be present. Both the bride and the groom will dress in traditional attire, and the festivities will last all day, including a large feast. It is common for large quantities of alcohol to be consumed, including Lao Khao and Thai Whiskey.


Can my Thai Wife get a UK Spouse Visa if we had a Thai Wedding?


No, you must be legally married, and the marriage must be officially registered at the Amphur. All documents must be gain a certified translation into English, which then must be submitted to the British Embassy in Bangkok. To qualify for a UK Spouse Visa, you must be:


  • Legally married
  • Both partners must be 18 years of age or older
  • Your intention must be to live together permanently ed-hrvatski.com
  • Your Thai wife must be free from Tuberculosis
  • Your Thai wife must pass the A1 English Test


How Long Can Your Thai wife stay in the UK on a Spouse Visa?


Your Thai wife will be granted a probationary UK Spouse Visa that will last for 30 months. If your circumstances remain the same at the end of this period, it will be extended for another 30 months (Further Leave to Remain). After this has elapsed, your wife will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).


How can Thai Visa Express Help?


Thai Visa Express is a team of professional immigration consultants who are always ready to assist you with your UK visa application in Thailand. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with UK visas & immigration daily, and we are regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) in the UK.  We offer a free 30-minute consultation from one of our designated caseworkers, contact us today.


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