What should I take my Thai girlfriend to see in the UK?

Stonehenge Thai Girl

In our office, we deal with many British men wishing to take their Thai girlfriends back to the UK for a holiday. They come to us knowing that we can arrange a UK Tourist Visa for their Thai girl as well as giving them some tips on what you should take her to go and see. Of course, she will want to see where you live, meet your family and friends, and, of course, do some shopping! However, here are some things you could take her to see:

  1. London

OK, it may be a bit of a get-out, but with things such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye all being prominent attractions amongst the many other options, you really can’t miss London out.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, with its fantastic castle, super shops, and much slower lifestyle than London. Edinburgh might be a nice relaxing break after a few days in London.


It is highly unlikely that your Thai girlfriend will have ever seen anything like this before, so it is something that she will probably find quite memorable. She may not fully appreciate its history, but it definitely is different.

4.Stately Homes and Castles

Although they do have palaces in Thailand, they don’t really have stately homes or castles. Why not take your girlfriend along to one of the well-kept ones near you?

5.Roman Baths in Bath

The Roman’s Baths in Bath are another attraction that could appeal to your Thai lady. Again, they are something wholly different, and Bath is a beautiful all-around city!

6.York Minster

Thai girls love temples, so why not show her something similar in the UK? York Minster is one of the finest examples in the country, and again it is a great city for a short break.

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