Why Are So Many British Retirees Leaving Pattaya?

Why Are So Many British Retirees Leaving Pattaya?

The number of western ex-pats living in Pattaya has been on the decline for several years now. One of the main groups leaving in numbers is the British retirees, many of whom have lived in the country for some years. There are several reasons for this with many arguing that Pattaya “isn’t what it used to be” or “the place has changed”. While that may be the case, here are some of the more tangible reasons.


  • The strength of the Thai Baht and weakness of the Pound. Just before the Brexit vote in 2016, you could get THB53 to £1. It is currently in the region of THB38
  • Increase in living cost in Thai Baht compounding the exchange rate problems
  • Stricter rules regarding the Thai Retirement Visa
  • Cheaper alternatives are now available such as Vietnam

Separation of Families


Unfortunately, when the retiree, usually a male, is forced to return to the UK he will often leave behind a long-standing Thai girlfriend or Thai wife, maybe even children as well. This is of course, heartbreaking but it doesn’t need to be the case. If you are legally married, your Thai wife could return to live with you in the UK permanently on a UK Spouse Visa. Alternatively, your Thai girlfriend could spend six months of the year in the UK on a UK Tourist Visa. There are options available, and it doesn’t need to be the end of the relationship if you don’t want it to be.



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