UK Unmarried partner visa

When Can You Apply For a UK Spouse Visa while in the UK?

The unmarried partner visa falls under the family visas category of the immigration rules. This visa applies to unmarried partners which include same-sex partners and refers to anyone who has been living together and in a relationship akin to a marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years.


You must be able to demonstrate the following :



How long is the visa valid for?


You can stay in the UK for 2 years and 9 months and the applicant has permission to work.


What’s this visa going to cost?


  • Applying from inside the UK the visa application Fee is £1,523 per applicant.
  • Applying from inside the UK the visa application fee is £1052.20 per applicant.
  • You must also pay the immigration health surcharge fees.


How do we apply?


You can apply for this visa from outside the UK –  Overseas visa applications–  If you are in the UK please apply here.


What documents may demonstrate that we have been living together as unmarried partners should we provide?


  • Previous immigration history for example UK visa applications
  • Joint financial commitments if any
  • If you have any children together please provide evidence
  • Evidence of contact whilst you have been apart
  • Correspondence that is addressed individually but shows the same address


How can Thai Visa Express help?


Before you apply for a UK unmarried partner visa, we assess your circumstances and provide you with a quote.  All our services include the visa application forms, and always send you these to review – this is to avoid any simple mistakes. We prepare and finalise your application for submission, and book you an appointment in the country where you will provide your biometric details. Please use our contact forms to find out more about the services we offer.


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